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Talon Intake Filterwears Pre-filter Cover

Talon Intake Filterwears Pre-filter Cover

This is the Filterwears component only of our Talon Intake Pre-filter Kit


Our Talon Intake Pre-filter Kit is made of 3 components sold separately for available options and inventory control.  Below are links to purchase the other components to build a full kit.


Occasionaly I do run out of the Filterwears logo covers while waiting on a resupply.  When this happens a Filterwears cover without my logo can be purchased here.


Available additional components:



  • Our Desertcraft Pre-filter


Filterwears cover key features:

  • Reduces overall maintenance cost
  • Extends filter service intervals
  • Adds convenience
  • Extends the life of any filter exposed or not.
  • Keeps your high performance filter free of debris, dirt and water.
  • Effective barrier for any particle bigger than .005"
  • Highly resistant to puncture
  • No reduction of functionality in freezing temperatures
  • Hydrophobic fabric is standard (water repellent)
  •  Handles heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit


Filter covers are treated with hydrophobic finish designed to repel water. The water repellent feature is extremely effective when driving through wet conditions such as rainstorms, mud, and puddles. (Please note: "water repellent" does not mean "water proof.")


Hondasxs forum discussion on this intake pre-filter setup here.

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