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Talon X2-d Under Seat Cargo Box

After a few months of designing and refining, 10-80 Dirt Sports is excited to announce the roll out of our Talon Under Seat Cargo Boxes. These are the first to market boxes specifically built to capture the unused space under the Talon seats for additional in cab storage. Not only are we the first to design such boxes for the Talon, we are offering these to customers as a DIY kit that the customer can weld up themselves, enjoying a satisfying project and saving money.

The first box to roll out is the X2-d steel box DIY kit for the Talon X/R 2 seat model driver seat. This steel kit is low cost and more accessible to the DIY owners out there without the equipment to weld aluminum. All metal components and hardware is included in the kit. Metal components are fiber laser cut for extreme precision which makes assembling this kit as easy as pie. The parts are so precisely cut that they literally snap together. You can go from loose parts to tacked up in about 5 minutes.

The X2-d DYI kit includes:

  • All laser cut metal components

  • 6" diameter o-ring sealed lever lock hatch lid

  • Gasket for mounting the hatch lid (coming soon)

  • Stainless steel hardware for mounting the hatch lid

  • Plastic snap rivets for mounting the box inside the Talon

We are currently in the process of testing the fit of laser cut aluminum DIY kits and will have those available soon.

If you like hands on building and are up to a small challenge, our Talon Under Seat Cargo Box kit is just right for you. We've completed all the design to make you look like a fab pro!


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