About UTV Fuel Pumps

Fuel pumps are a real problem on UTVs and definitely a show stopper. I've sold many fuel Polaris and Can-am pump replacements during the summer of 2020. From what I understand, heat kills these tiny fuel pumps and it's been a hot summer.

My own fuel pump failures have driven me to offer the best aftermarket fuel pumps available; All Balls and Quantum Fuel Systems. Both of these brands hold up very well compared to the OEM fuel pumps. Quantum offers a lifetime warranty, All Balls a limited lifetime warranty.

The fuel pump modules from both brands are very simple to install with basic tools. During one riding trip I actually had to borrow a fuel pump module from one machine just to get another machine back to the truck. The swap was made with a hammer and a large flat head screwdriver. It's that simple to change in an emergency.

A fuel pump repair kit is less expensive and includes everything to replace a fuel pump except the module assembly. This repair also is easily made with minimal tools but is not as trail friendly as a module. Disassembly of the fuel pump module is required, which involves unsnapping a few plastic clips. In addition to disassembly, there are two very small wires that must be cut and spliced back to together for the new fuel pump. Still not a difficult task but does require a wire splice crimping tool at best. One additional benefit of the repair kits is that they do fit various machines and even different brands. This is the broadest solution when a wider range of vehicles could possibly need a fuel pump replacement like during a large group ride trip. For example, fuel pump repair kits HFP-396-U5 and 47-2039 fit several Polaris and Can-am models.

Now, my personal advice to people who are in need of replacing a fuel pump is to buy a complete module first, then a cheaper repair kit to fix the broken OEM pump. This way you'll have a backup to carry on trips. If you are planning on making one of those epic vacation trips, I'd advise you to purchase a module to bring as a backup. Without a fuel pump you're not going to ride anywhere and the likelihood of finding an open dealership for parts on a holiday weekend is slim to zero.

We stock repair kits HFP-396-U5 and 47-2039, as well as modules HFP-A3964 and 47-1001 available for local pickup if your weekend riding is shut down by a failed fuel pump.

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