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Talon X2-d under seat cargo box DIY plans and hardware kit

Talon X2-d under seat cargo box DIY plans and hardware kit

For the extra talented and equipped DIY person, we offer our Talon X2-d cargo box design as a full size, traceable pattern on a 24"x36" sheet.  No measurements are required.  Simple trace, cut, weld and you have a cargo box!


This is the same file we CNC cut from using 0.100" thick aluminum.  If you intend to use a different material or thickness, you will have to adjust the alignment tabs depth accordingly, or just eliminate them altogether.  The tabs are provided for assembly alignment and not required as a structural element.


All the panels for this project can be cut from a single 12"x48" piece of sheet metal material.  Check with your local metal supply companies because most will sell a piece sheered to this size not requiring the purchase a full sheet. 


The complete DIY kit to finish this X2-d project includes:

  • Printed full size plans for tracing of parts
  • 6" sealed plastic hatch
  • Neoprene rubber hatch mounting gasket
  • Hatch mounting bolts
  • Plastic rivets for mounting the box in your Talon (X2-d and X4-d)


**Fabrication tip:  Assemble and tack weld panels then check fit inside vehicle before welding out all joints.


Drawings are copyrighted by 10-80 Dirt Sports, LLC.  All rights reserved.  Buyer is only licensed to produce the product for personal use and not for commercial sale.  Drawings may not be reproduced for resale.

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