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Talon Desertcraft Pre-filter Kit R2

Talon Desertcraft Pre-filter Kit R2

Resigned Talon intake tube for quicker, simpler production to meet demand.

Same clean look.  Minimalist, flexible TPU grommet contoured to the fender replaces the cover plate and secures the tube.  The prefilter can now set directly on top of the fender grommet so that no tube shows.


Each kit includes:

(1) Black intake tube, fender grommet, and hose clamp

(1) Desertcraft Pre-filter

(1) Filterwears cover


Dyno tests by PPEI show zero loss in horsepower with this system versus the stock intake with both tests using an OEM primary filter.




'19 – Current Talon 1000X/R, Fox & Fox Live Valve 2 and 4 seat models

**Also fits Kraftwerks Turbo Kits that connect to the factory intake snorkel in the fender**


Features and Benefits:

  • 3" OD, 0.125" wall CNC precision bent, one-piece, lightweight aluminum intake tube
  • Extends OEM air filter life, reduces maintenance
  • Fewer checks of the air filter equal fewer chances of getting the air filter seal and air box seal misaligned which could lead to dirt ingestion and engine damage
  • NEW- custom fit, flexible TPU fender grommet conceals the tube penetration for a clean look and securely braces the intake tube (a template is provided for cutting the fender hole)
  • NEW-hose clamp secures the intake tube to the fender grommet out of sight below the fender
  • Compact system has a clean, factory look
  • Inner fender still fits in place after installation
  • Works with most poly rear windows
  • Simple installation with minimal tools
  • Tube connects to the OEM air box inlet with OEM hose clamp
  • No OEM air box modifications are required


Desertcraft key features:

Desertcraft uses industrial quality, dry synthetic media with more open area than the primary filter for lower airflow restriction. These filters are USA-made high quality and will last a long time. This dry media filter uses no oil and includes easy cleaning instructions for reuse. Dyno tests by PPEI show zero loss in horsepower with this system versus the stock intake with both tests using an OEM primary filter.


Filterwears cover key features:

  • Reduces overall maintenance cost
  • Extends filter service intervals
  • Adds convenience
  • Extends the life of any filter exposed or not.
  • Keeps your high-performance filter free of debris, dirt, and water.
  • Effective barrier for any particle bigger than .005"
  • Highly resistant to puncture
  • No reduction of functionality in freezing temperatures
  • Hydrophobic fabric is standard (water-repellent)
  • Handles heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit


Filter covers are treated with a hydrophobic finish designed to repel water. The water-repellent feature is extremely effective when driving through wet conditions such as rainstorms, mud, and puddles. (Please note: "water repellent" does not mean "waterproof.")



Hondasxs forum discussion on this intake pre-filter setup here

Install video by Diesel Legiance here (intake with grommet is slightly different than video)

  • Installation instructions

    Downloadable instructions here.

  • Shipping

    Standard shipping is USPS Ground Advantage 3-5 day shipping for cost savings.

  • FAQs

    1. Rain.  The Filterwears brand cover does an excellent job of keeping water out of the air box.  I have personally ridden in terrible monsoon rain conditions and only had a very tiny amount of water pass through the filter cover.  I'm confident this will perform better than expected.  Water will not affect the synthetic media Desertcraft filter.

    2. Heavy dust conditions.  If you are riding in heavy dust conditions, I recommend field cleaning the Desertcraft prefilter more frequently during the ride.  This can be done by simply removing the prefilter and tapping it against your hand to knock loose captured dust and dirt.


Add a Mesh Trail Trash Bag for only $20

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