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Talon Intake Pre-filter Kit

Talon Intake Pre-filter Kit

11-26-23 Update:

More tubes are going to paint on 11-27.  I'll have them back later in that week.


Back-in-stock notifications are automated and are sent after inventory is updated.  Everyone gets the same notification so ordering a free for all after the notifications have been sent.  Some items may immediately sell out again as I continue to fabricate daily.


One-click-buy-now complete Talon Intake Pre-filter Kit

Each kit includes:

(1) Intake tube, your choice of color

(1) Desertcraft Pre-filter

(1) Filterwears cover


Additional components can be purchased separately with the links below.


The Talon has a horrible engine air intake location that inhales too much dust which shortens primary air filter life. In dusty conditions, you might get as few as 200 miles on an air filter before having to replace or clean a reusable aftermarket filter.


**The filter comparison shown in photos is after 200 miles on the same days in the same trail conditions. The cleaner filter actually had 400 total miles on it.


So, 10-80 Dirt Sports has taken on the challenge to design and build our own Talon Intake Pre-filter Kit. Our intake kit is designed to capture cleaner, cooler air than the OEM intake and pre-filter that air to extend the life of the OEM or any aftermarket primary air filter you choose to run inside the OEM air box.


Dyno tests by PPEI show zero loss in horsepower with this system versus the stock intake with both tests using an OEM primary filter.



'19 – Current Talon 1000X/R, Fox & Fox Live Valve 2 and 4 seat models


Features and Benefits:

  • New 3" OD, 0.125" wall CNC bent one-piece, lightweight aluminum intake system
  • Primary air filter servicing is reduced while filter  life is substantially extended
  • Fewer checks of the air filter equal fewer chances of getting the air filter seal and air box seal misaligned which could lead to dirt ingestion and engine damage
  • Cover plate conceals the new fender penetration for a clean look and securely braces the intake tube (a template is provided for cutting the fender hole)
  • Compact system is not an eye sore
  • Inner fender still fits in place after installation
  • Does not interfere with a rear window
  • Installation is simple and requires minimal tools
  • Tube installs into the OEM air box inlet with OEM hose clamp.  No new air box hole is required.
  • Cover plate attaches to the fender with OEM fender screws.  No additional hardware is required.


Intake Tube Powder Coat Finish options:

  • Matte Black
  • Honda Talon Blue
  • Honda Talon Red
  • Glossy White
  • Metallic Gray
  • Honda Talon Orange
  • Matte Navy Blue (2023)
  • Tonic Yellow (2022; matches the plastic fender grate, not exact match for dash plastic)


Desertcraft key features:

Desertcraft uses industrial quality, dry synthetic media with more open area than the primary filter for lower airflow restriction. These filters are UUSA-madehigh quality and will last a long time. This dry media filter uses no oil and includes easy cleaning instructions for reuse. Dyno tests by PPEI show zero loss in horsepower with this system versus the stock intake with both tests using an OEM primary filter.


Filterwears cover key features:

  • Reduces overall maintenance cost
  • Extends filter service intervals
  • Adds convenience
  • Extends the life of any filter exposed or not.
  • Keeps your high-performance filter free of debris, dirt, and water.
  • Effective barrier for any particle bigger than .005"
  • Highly resistant to puncture
  • No reduction of functionality in freezing temperatures
  • Hydrophobic fabric is standard (water-repellent)
  •  Handles heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit


Filter covers are treated with a hydrophobic finish designed to repel water. The water-repellent feature is extremely effective when driving through wet conditions such as rainstorms, mud, and puddles. (Please note: "water repellent" does not mean "waterproof.")



Hondasxs forum discussion on this intake pre-filter setup here

Install video by Diesel Legiance here

  • Installation instructions

    Downloadable instructions here

  • Shipping

    Standard shipping is USPS Ground Advantage 3-5 day shipping for cost savings.

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