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Talon Floor Drain Covers

Talon Floor Drain Covers

Floor drain covers for the Talon have been widely requested.  Now we have a solution.


3D printed with ASA automotive-grade plastic for outdoor applications.



2019-current Talon 2 seat and 4 seat models, front seats only


Each kit includes:

4 cover pieces, 8 new push rivets, and instructions.


These covers prevent mud and water from splashing into the footwell from the console floor drain holes.  Plastic push rivets hold the covers in place using the existing floor push rivets near the console.  Two new holes must be drilled in the floor on each door side for new push rivets.  These covers fit tight enough to prevent mud and water from splashing in with enough gap to allow water to slowly drain out without removing the covers.  For a serious washdown, the push rivets and covers are easily removed.

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    USPS First Class Package.

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