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RZR Turbo Quantum Fuel Pump Assembly

RZR Turbo Quantum Fuel Pump Assembly


Polaris RZR Turbo EFI 2016-2021, Replaces 2206261


Fuel pumps are known to fail at the most inconvenient time.  Don't let a fuel pump failure ruin your riding trip.  Carry a backup fuel pump for your machine with a lifetime warranty.  Lesson learned, $200 is cheap after you drive hours to ride!!


What are the symptoms of a failing fuel pump?  The earliest sign is the need for increased throttle pedal input, but the engine still runs OK.  Then you get sputtering, backfiring, and weak performance under a load but idle is fine.  And finally the machine just won't start or run.


I've personally experienced 3 failures on different machines and it's not fun getting towed out of the woods!!  So I have learned to carry a backup fuel pump with me.  With a complete drop in assembly the repair can be made in less than 30 minutes using only a large screw driver and a hammer to remove the screw top retainer.  Fuel line and electrical systems are simple snap connectors easily disconnected by hand.  Save your old assembly to rebuild at home with a new Quantum Fuel Pump then carry that as a backup.


Quantum replacement fuel pumps modules are designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications, and feature upgrades that improve on the OEM design. Upgraded polymers, brushes, and commutators ensure long life and durability in multiple fuel blends.  Each Quantum fuel pump and installation kit is backed by a lifetime free replacement warranty. 


Features & Benefits:

  • Complete Drop-in replacement

  • OEM or better performance

  • Polished corrosion-resistant case to help minimize seizing during non-operation

  • Specifically designed for quiet operation

  • Gradient density fuel strainer for superior contaminant filtration

  • Patented check valve technology

  • Compatible with modern ethanol-infused pump gasoline

  • Includes new nut and gasket

  • Shipping info

    FREE USPS PRIORITY 2-4 DAY SHIPPING within the US and Territories


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