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Honda Talon Trumpet Cover STL file download

Honda Talon Trumpet Cover STL file download

Free download file for my current and future customers!

If you have a 3d printer, this is for you.  Something fun and useful!

Download the zip file containing the STL file for my Honda Talon Trumpet Cover and print yourself.


These covers fit over the flared intake trumpet ends are to be used while the air box is open during air filter servicing.  This will prevent any objects from accidentally being dropped into the tubes and falling all the way down to the throttle bodies.  When this happens you must remove the intake boots at the throttle bodies to retrieve the fallen object.  Not fun!  Save the hassle and print a pair of covers.



Exported from Fusion 360 in mm units.  This should import correctly into slicer software.

If you import this file and it shows up very small, resize per the Y dimension of 109.54 mm. 

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