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3D Print Honda Talon Low Profile Center Cap

3D Print Honda Talon Low Profile Center Cap

Downloadable 3D Print file (stl) for those who like to tinker with 3D printing.


Designed by 10-80 Dirt Sports from our Talon owner experience.

Fits '19- and up Talon R/X/X4


Wheel center caps are designed to replace lost OEM wheel caps.

These caps only protrude 1/2" from the wheel surface making them less prone to getting knocked out, especially on the front wheels.


3D Print recommendations:

So far I've only printed these with Flexible PLA.

TPU (urethane) would be another option with better properties for outdoor use.


Features and Benefits:

  • Pops right into the OEM Honda wheels
  • Easy installation
  • Licensing

    3D print files for download are licensed to the buyer for unlimited person use only and may not be sold commercially.  10-80 Dirt Sports reserves all rights the the design.

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