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3D Print Honda Talon Driver Seat Firewall Cover

3D Print Honda Talon Driver Seat Firewall Cover

Downloadable 3D Print file (stl) for those who like to tinker with 3D printing.


Designed by 10-80 Dirt Sports from our Talon owner experience.

Fits '19- and up Talon R/X 2 seat models


3D Print recommendations:


Print with ASA automotive-grade filament.  It's very durable and made for outdoor use.


Features and Benefits:

  • Easy installation
  • Attaches with one existing plastic rivet and one new drilled hole and plastic rivet
  • Reduces the water, mud, and heat intrusion from behind the driver seat where Honda left rather large holes in the plastic firewall.
  • Designed as 1.5mm thick
  • Download includes (1) file for the door side of the driver seat rear (2 seat models only)


Aluminum covers will be available for purchase late February / early March.

  • Licensing

    3D print files for download are licensed to the buyer for unlimited person use only and may not be sold commercially.  10-80 Dirt Sports reserves all rights the the design.

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