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3D Print Honda Talon 7 slot switch plate

3D Print Honda Talon 7 slot switch plate


Downloadable 3D Print file (stl) for those who like to tinker with 3D printing.


Designed by 10-80 Dirt Sports from our Talon owner experience.

Fits '19- and up Talon R/X/X4


Same mounting location as the Honda switch plate that has 5 slots and volt meter.

New 5/16" holes must be drilled in dash for push rivet fasteners.

If you have the Honda switch plate, this will install in the same holes.


3D Print recommendations:

Use ASA filament, which is durable, automotive grade, UV resistant plastic

Overall object size for build plate is 175 X 130 x 2.54 (mm)


Features and Benefits:

  • Slots sized for industry standard UTV rocker switches
  • Easy installation
  • Licensing

    3D print files for download are licensed to the buyer for unlimited person use only and may not be sold commercially.  10-80 Dirt Sports reserves all rights the the design.

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