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What will differentiate 10-80 Dirt Sports from other online vendors?

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

The answer to that question is passion for families like mine.

It took a long time but during 2018 I finally realized my gift of influence on purchases friends make on UTVs, parts, and accessories. I have literally connected more people with new and used vehicles than our local dealership!

Since I was a kid in the 80s, when Honda was "the leader", ATVs have always fascinated me. My family was always Honda back then and to a degree still today. Growing up, all we ever had were utility/hunting ATVs. If you couldn't use an ATV for work you didn’t need it. But this little boy always dreamed of having a legendary TRX250R or the mighty ATC350X with those super cool dual headlights. By college age all that Honda offered was the TRX250X. Then once finally finished with college I was able to buy a brand new 1996 TRX300EX! Life was great! Then it got greater when I met my would-be wife who also rode a TRX300EX. And still greater as our two daughters have grown to ride along with us!

As you can see I’ve been involved in this ATV market since I was a kid. Although the machines have changed and new manufacturers have entered the arena. My own family has grown and I’m still fascinated with riding these machines.

The sport side by side vehicles have revolutionized the way families play together in a good way because now parents can take their kids riding with them safely buckled in and surrounded by a roll cage.

My goal with this business is to is to focus on the families like mine out there in the UTV world. We play together. We don’t need the biggest lift kit, biggest mud tires, or most elaborate accessories. We just want to ride all day and make it back to the truck! The focus of 10-80 Dirt Sports will be on maintenance items, parts, and tools that will help the DIY dads like me (and shade tree mechanics) keep all the family machines working in tip top condition. Using my interest in the industry to locate parts that I would use myself, then I’ll be able to share info with others and make these parts available.

The grander dream is that this very small business grows into a full blown dealership, where we can match people to the products that meet their needs and goals. My dealership would be a social center, as much as a place of business, where people could connect. Life is about making memories together and that's what 10-80 Dirt Sports will promote.

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Me and son rode with the ‘10-80 dirt sports racing team’ this past weekend at Sabine ATV. When my fuel pump went out during the middle of the ride my son was sad and thought we were headed home after Brian gave us a tow back to the truck. Luckily Brian had a spare fuel pump for my 2015 RZR 900. He had it swapped out and running in about 15 to 20 minutes at most. Who keeps a spare fuel pump with them! He even had spare spark plugs that we tried first. I just purchased a fuel pump on this site to replace the spare I used up. The pumps he’s selling here come with a replacement warranty…


You influenced my purchases. I sold a sxs and purchased 2 others from another manufacturer. All because of the advice and info you shared. And also purchased a youth atv as well. Yeah I agree that people listen when you start talking ATVs and side by sides. Thanks for steering me straight.

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