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Honda Talon Seat Risers

Our 1.5" taller seat risers were developed specifically for the Talon to provide a better view over the long hood and provide more leg room for taller people.

Seat risers are made from one piece of 1/8" steel, laser cut, CNC bent, and powder coated.

The driver side set (below) includes (4) seat riser brackets and (4) 55mm long bolts.

Our passenger seat risers are one of a kind on the market. The seat risers began with this design to be used for both passenger and driver seats. We also 3d print new, taller passenger seat front bolt covers for leg safety. New hardware is included to be used along with the OEM hardware for seat riser installation. Passenger seat riser set (below) includes (4) sear riser brackets, (2) 55mm long bolts, (2) nuts, and (2) plastic covers. Installation repurposes the OEM front bolts, rear nuts, and plastic cover rivets.

Seat riser kits are sold as driver side, passenger side and a full kit for both seats.

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